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Silver tea and coffee service in Art Nouveau style. Bruckmann. After 1888.
Silver tea and coffee service in Art Nouveau style. Bruckmann. After 1888.
Poetic Art Nouveau silver tea and coffee set by Bruckmann, on the original tray. The silver set includes a large teapot with a hinged lid, a large coffee pot with a hinged lid, a sugar bowl with a removable lid, a milk jug. The set is installed on a large oval-shaped tray with two handles. The objects are decorated with overhead volumetric details made on floral motifs. The decorations, handles and shape of objects are made in the modern style, the lids are decorated with a voluminous cast flower bud on the stem. Silver, bone, traces of gilding on the inner surfaces. The outer surface of the objects is polished. Casting, stamping, drawing, rolling, embossing, carving (bone). Item sizes: Milkman. Height -11.3 cm, maximum width - 15.5 cm, base diameter (bottom) - 5.8 cm, weight - 239 gr. Coffee pot. Height - 21.0 cm, maximum width - 25.0 cm, base diameter (bottom) - 9.0 cm, weight - 817 gr. Kettle. Height - 15.0 cm, maximum width - 27.0 cm, base diameter (bottom) - 9. cm, weight - 936 gr. Sugar bowl. Height with lid - 16.0 cm, maximum width with handles - 17.0 cm, lid weight - 113 g, total weight - 461 g. Tray. Oval. Cast handles. Total length with handles - 55.0 cm, width - 38.0 cm, weight - 1480 gr. The total weight of the set is 4.045 kg. Silver, Germany, after 1888. Hallmarks: crescent moon, crown, silver standard 800, makers mark (unknown workshop, possibly Bruckmann). Excellent collectible condition.
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