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Large chest of drawers in Louis XVI style. The end of the 19th century.
Large chest of drawers in Louis XVI style. The end of the 19th century.
Impressive large chest of drawers in the Louis XVI style, embellished with decorative elements in gilded bronze. Mni Leon BERTAUX mark. Presumably a model of the famous furniture workshop CHARLES-GUILLAUME DIEHL, PARIS together with Leon Bertau. Historical note: Madame Leon (Helene) Berteau (1865-1909) - Leon Bertau, French sculptor In 1889 she received a gold medal at the World Exhibition in Paris. She organized a sculpture school for women. In 1896, she became the first woman to be selected by the jury of the Salon exhibitions. She became famous thanks to the subtlety of the work with the material and the struggle for the rights of women. Charles-Guillaume Diehl French furniture and cabinetmaker of German origin was born in Steinbach (Grand Duchy of Hesse) on July 20, 1811. In 1840 CHARLES-GUILLAUME DIEHL moved to Paris at 3rd rue Turigny and then at 170th rue in the city. Saint Martin. In 1850, Charles-Guillaume Die was listed in the Trade Almanac at 16 rue Michel-le-Comte. According to reports, the workshops were located at 39 Rue Saint-Sebastian, where more than six hundred workers worked between 1868 and 1870. CHARLES-GUILLAUME DIEHL has evolved its business towards creating luxury furniture that attracts crowds of fans to the universal exhibitions. Deal made the dainty little pieces of rosewood furniture, as well as the boule bars, boxes and gloves that made his workshop famous. Jules Mesnard Jules Mesnard wrote in 1867 about CHARLES-GUILLAUME DIEHL: His works cover the entire line of works of art, from two-franc pins to large furniture worth 70,000 francs. He has ordinary and modern furniture, as well as expensive furniture. ”(The Miracles of the World Exhibition of 1867). Parisian and international clientele loved Diehls sumptuous and tasteful luxuries, as well as elegant marquetry pieces. His works in marquetry technique were awarded a silver medal at the 1867 World Exhibition in Paris. Charles-Guillaume Dill products were known not only for small forms, but also for large furniture, tables, cabinet bases, cabinets made of very high quality and decorated with bronze and marquetry elements.
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