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Porcelain Flowerpot from the Miklashevsky factory. Russia Mid-19th century.
Porcelain Flowerpot from the Miklashevsky factory. Russia Mid-19th century.
A rare collection flowerpot from the A.M. Miklashevsky Porcelain Factory, is a rectangular vase with an extension upwards, resting on four stucco legs, decorated with gold layering. The front and back surfaces of the pot are decorated with two medallions with a finely painted pastoral scene in the Western European style, as well as an image of an exotic bird sitting on a branch in the Chinoiserie style. Medallions with painting have a quadrangular shape with rounded top corners. On the side surfaces of the flowerpot are fixed stucco relief handles with rock curls and gilded layering on the surface. At the corners, the planter is decorated with embossed vertical columns imitating weaving. The upper convex edge of the pot is made in the form of a monogram of two merged letters A and M and a dot on the right. The mark is underglaze, hand-drawn, red. Russian Empire, Chernigov province, Glukhovsky district, Volokitino village. Factory A.M. Miklashevsky. 1840s. Porcelain, molding, molding, gilding, underglaze polychrome painting. Dimensions - 19.5 cm (at the top, including handles), width - 13.2 cm (at the top), height - 12.4 cm. Historical reference: The factory of porcelain products was founded in the village of Volokitno by the rich and well-born landowner A.M. Miklashevsky (1801-1895) in 1839. The owner of the factory was an admirer of Western European porcelain and invited the famous French ceramists Dart brothers to organize and manage the new enterprise. François Dart was a porcelain decorator - porcelain painter and model designer. At the time of the work of this master (until the middle of the 19th century), the heyday of the production of artistic porcelain at the factory falls. Porcelain from the A.M. Miklashevsky factory is distinguished, during this period, by the European level of execution of decor and forms of objects made of porcelain mass of excellent quality, and objects abounded in imitation of plant forms, an abundance of figured compositions, the use of European motifs for painting objects - pastoral and gallant-sentimental scenes , architectural landscapes, flower bouquets and birds, executed in the style of chinoiserie. During this period, the plants products successfully competed with the products of well-known European manufactories and often even with the products of the IPM. In general, the French style and the excellent quality of painting and stucco were the distinguishing features of Francois Darts products, to which the presented planter belongs. Items made at the factory of A.M. Miklashevsky adorn the collections of the Hermitage, the Russian Museum, Kuskovo, museum collections in Ukraine. They are rarely found on the antique market and have a high collectible value.​
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