Sredin Alexander Valentinovich (1872-1934)

Sredin Alexander Valentinovich (August 17, 1872, Moscow - April 15, 1934, San Rafael, France) - Russian Painter, graphic artist. Born into the family of a customs officer, the younger brother of Leonid Sredin, a Yalta doctor, friend of A.P. Chekhov, M.V. Nesterov, A.M. Gorky, was related to K. S. Stanislavsky.

Graduated from the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Moscow University, assistant professor of the Department of Geology. Studied at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture under V.A. Serov and K.A. Korovin, then in Paris at the Academy of R. Julien under J.-P. Laurence and B. Constant. He painted the interiors of estates, portraits; drew vignettes. Participated in the largest exhibitions in Russia, published articles on art, including in the magazine "Golden Fleece".

Since 1898 he took part in exhibitions of the Moscow Society of Art Lovers. In 1899-1901 he lived in Paris, studied at the Academy of R. Julien with J.-P. Laurent and J.-J. Benjamin-Constant, as well as at the School of F. Colarossia at Girardot. He visited Normandy, Algeria, Savoy, Biskra, Tunisia and Nice. In 1901-1902 he lived in Yalta, from 1902 - in Moscow. From 1904 he exhibited his works at exhibitions of the Moscow Association of Artists. Collaborated with the magazine "Old Years", since 1906 was a member of the art department of the magazine "Golden Fleece". In 1907 he became one of the founders of the Free Aesthetics association. In 1906–1907 he took part in exhibitions of the Leonardo da Vinci Society.

Since 1910, a member of the Union of Russian Artists. After the revolution of 1917, he was a member of the Commission for the Protection of Monuments of Art and Antiquity under the Moscow Soviet, was engaged in the registration and protection of collections of individuals in Moscow and the Moscow region. In 1918 he became a member of the board for managing the Rumyantsev Museum. In 1925-1927 he collaborated with the State Academy of Arts. In 1924-1925, Sredin′s works were exhibited at an exhibition of Russian art in New York. In 1927 he became one of the founders of the Association of Realist Artists.

In 1928 he emigrated and settled in Paris. He was a participant in the assemblies of Russian artists in the Paris workshop of I. Ya. Bilibin. Collaborated in the newspaper Vozrozhdenie.

In 1934 the artist Sredin Alexander Valentinovich died tragically under the wheels of a train.

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