33. Silver device for caviar - Ikornitsa, St. Petersburg 1877-1891

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Silver device for caviar - Ikornitsa, St. Petersburg 1877-1891

Large spherical caviar bowl (closed). In the open form - a semicircular shape. Made of silver, with a removable semicircular lid fixed on carved swivel hinges. The body of the caviar bowl is made of two semicircular containers (one inside the other), between which, when the caviar bowl cover is removed, small pieces of ice can be placed (when the caviar bowl cover is removed, a slotted hole opens through which ice is poured). The caviar lid is fixed on two removable axles, on which the lid is rotated to open the caviar bowl. Two removable axles of the caviar bowl are inserted into the holes of the hinges, and when serving the caviar dish on the table, they can be used as handles. The body of the caviar rests on four spherical legs. The surface of the caviar bowl and the lid are decorated with an engraved pattern in the pseudo-Russian style. In the upper part, in the center of the lid, the owners engraving in the form of a monogram of two intersecting letters I (?) and E. Silver 84 standart, stamping, casting, engraving, traces of gilding of the inner surface. Height - 16 cm; width - 20 cm; diameter - 14 cm. Weight - 888 gr. Mark of the master AK (?) (Possibly, Kiveri Abraham Henrikson) in a square shield; assay mark of the Petersburg Assay Office in the form of a fraction: in the numerator 84; below the initials of the shaved master I.E (unknown assay master, 1870-1891); below it - the year of probing 1885
Condition: Excellent
Style: Neo-Russian
Country: Russia, St. Petersburg
Period: Late 19th century
Warranty: Seller Warranty
Material: Silver 84
Product sizes: Height - 16cm
width - 20cm
Location: Gallery "Antiqon", Brivibas street 52, Riga, Latvia
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