651. Oval coffee table in Louis XVI style, model Adam Weisweiler. France 19th century

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Oval coffee table in Louis XVI style, model Adam Weisweiler. France 19th century

Oval coffee table in mahogany and gilded bronze in the Louis XVI style. Late nineteenth century based on the model of Adam Weisweiler. The table top has a shape close to an oval with four semicircular protrusions, to which figured elegant table legs with gilded mascarons are attached in the lower part. Bronze overlays and linear edging of the edge of the lid and its wooden sides (table waist) are made with high quality casting, embossing and gilding. The table top is decorated over the entire surface with a geometric marquetry pattern, which contrasts beautifully with the gilded edging of the table. The decor uses motifs traditional for the era of classicism, made in the antique spirit - ribbon and floral patterns, flower heads, cornucopia, figurines of lying rams, maiden heads. The table legs are completed at the bottom with bronze shoe-shaped plates with a relief foliage pattern. In the front part of the table (at the waist) there is a drawer lid. It, due to the decor, similar to the decor repeating the gilded bronze decor of other sides of the table waist, is carefully hidden. Material: wood, mahogany veneer, carving, polishing, bronze, casting, embossing, Dimensions: 99 x 64 x 72 cm.

Condition: Good
Style: Louis XVI
Country: France
Period: 19th century
Warranty: Seller Warranty
Material: Mahogany and Gilded bronze mercury
Product sizes: Height - 72cm, Width - 99cm, Depth - 64cm
Location: Gallery "Antiqon", Brivibas street 52, Riga, Latvia
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