131. A miniature gold box in the shape of an etrog vessel. F. Laurier. Moscow. 1908-1917

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A miniature gold box in the shape of an etrog vessel. F. Laurier. Moscow. 1908-1917

A miniature box made in the shape of an etrog vessel. Gold (72 Russian standard of gold), precious stones, casting, engraving, chasing, soldering. Hallmarks of the firm F. Lorie (Moscow), hallmarks. Weight - 70g., 4.8x9.0x5.0 cm. Table box for jewelry (ladies jewelry), made in the form of a traditional vessel for storing and transporting the fruit of the etrog plant. The citrus fruit of the etrog plant is used by Jews on the most important Jewish holiday - Sukkot, which is celebrated annually in memory of the difficulties that the Jews overcame during the Exodus from Egypt. The etrog fruit is similar in appearance to a large lemon with an easily damaged peel. Therefore, it is transported during the holiday in a special case. The fruit has an unusually spicy smell, reminiscent of the smell of Garden of Eden. It is used in the festive prayer ritual as one of the four symbolic festive plants. In Judaism, the etrog is a symbol of beauty, splendor and wholeness. The box rests on a pedestal in the form of a grape leaf, symbolizing peace, fertility and prosperity. In the upper part of the box there is a figurine of a bird, which glorifies divine deeds with its singing. Like any piece of jewelry, the box is richly decorated with precious and decorative stones. Apparently, the item was made as an individual order for a wealthy client of the firm. The surfaces of the object are decorated with engraving and embossing. F. Lories stamps are presented on the inner surfaces of the vessel valves.
Condition: Good
Style: Judaica
Country: Russia, Moscow
Period: Early 20th century
Warranty: Seller Warranty
Material: Gold 750, Diamonds, Emerald
Product sizes: Height - 4.8cm
width - 9cm
Location: Gallery "Antiqon", Brivibas street 52, Riga, Latvia
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