270. Franz Krueger. Watercolor Emperor Nicholas I with his retinue after the 1847 parade.

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Franz Krueger. Watercolor Emperor Nicholas I with his retinue after the 1847 parade.

Franz Krueger. Watercolor Emperor Nicholas I with his family and retinue after the 1847 parade. A full-sized watercolor by Franz Kruger (1797-1857), professor at the Prussian Academy of Arts, portrait painter of Nicholas I, arching towards the viewer, depicts the equestrian departure of the imperial family after the parade. In the center, on a black horse, the emperor himself. Nearby is Grand Duke Mikhail Pavlovich, the tsars brother and young heir to the throne, on a perky, dapple-white horse, in the uniform of the Life Guards Hussar Regiment. Completes the compositional arc - the crew with Alexandra Fedorovna and daughters. The date 1847 and the signature are originally placed on the frame of the wagon. Masterfully arranged in color, the image is squeezed along the edges by armed regiments, among which young people greet the emperor. A bold historical watercolor revealing the complexity of Nicholas Is relationship with the troops. The signature on the reverse side testifies to the placement of the work at the auction of the Imperial Society for the Encouragement of Artists in July 1916, for 1200 rubles. «F.Kruger 1847 Watercolor 1200r At auction I.O.P.Kh. Morskaya street 38. July 1916 ? KRM. Watercolor size: 55x79 cm.
Condition: Exc., Usual restorations
Style: Realism
Country: Russia
Period: 19th century
Warranty: Seller Warranty
Material: Wash and watercolor on paper
Product sizes: Height - 81cm
width - 101cm
Location: Gallery "Antiqon", Brivibas street 52, Riga, Latvia
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