266. Alexander Konstantinovich Bogomazov. Graphic portrait of a woman with a book. 1915

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Alexander Konstantinovich Bogomazov. Graphic portrait of a woman with a book. 1915

Alexander Konstantinovich Bogomazov. Graphic portrait of a woman with a book. 1915 The cubo-futuristic composition shows a lady reading. Squinting her eyes, she carefully dug into the book, which she holds with her claw-hands. The entourage of clothes is well read. Wide semi-circular lines of the dress, a button on a la sailors collar. In addition to the pointed fox look of a pretty young lady, the artist adds character to her in wide cheekbones and lowered corners of a focused mouth. Indicates a high hairstyle-hat with feathers. Bangs and intense knowledge personifies the mirror reflection of the book in the ladys head. An open book with bangs of pages covers the head and forms a rhombus of the cornerstone of knowledge. The atmosphere is supplemented, apparently, by diffused light from behind the heroine’s back, where on the right at the bottom you can guess the corner of the locker, and above under the feathers, a fragment, possibly with a reduced projection, of a window from which light enters the interior. However, there is more observation of the random depth of character. In the lower right corner, the initials of the master and the date: AB, 1915 Kyiv. On the back, in blue pencil, is the signature of Bogmazovs widow Wanda: “I certify the work of AK Bogomazov: V. Bogomazov. The inscription was made during the sale of works in 1979. Half cardboard, charcoal pencil. 66.5x52.3 cm. In addition to the examinations of the All-Russian Art Scientific and Restoration Center named after Academician I.E. Grabar for 2006 and the State Scientific and Restoration Institute of the same year, Smolnikovs handwritten letter is attached on the acquisition of 6 graphic works from the masters family.
Condition: Good
Style: Vanguard
Country: Russia
Period: Early 20th century
Warranty: Expertise
Material: Сardboard, Pencil
Product sizes: Height - 66.5cm
width - 52.3cm
Location: Gallery "Antiqon", Brivibas street 52, Riga, Latvia
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