161. Russian silver snuffbox with niello.

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Russian silver snuffbox with niello.

Silver Snuffbox with niello, with an amazing and rare plot of a meeting with a wild boar.

Depicts a peasant family meeting a wild boar on the outskirts of the forest. The mother hugged the child and the father, defensively or threatening, put out his fist. Although the wild boar is approaching, it has a pretty "face" - which means it is not aggressive. The artist places this scene as a curiosity, a funny adventure, an attraction.

Hallmarks: Name of the master " KK " Kuzma Konov - master of the commercial and industrial Partnership P.I. Olovyanishnikov and sons - the largest jewelry company in pre-revolutionary Russia. The stigma of the Moscow District Assay Office, which shows: the figure " 84 ", certifying the sample of silver; On the cover: “Moscow coat of arms - George the Victorious on horseback, striking a dragon with a spear, turned to the left - a sign of the state certificate, numbers 1879; On the bottom: “The Moscow coat of arms - George the Victorious on horseback, striking a dragon with a spear, turned to the right - a sign of the state certificate, the mark of the Assay master“ IK ”(1875-1880)

Weight 130 gr.

Condition: Good, with traces of use
Material: Silver 84
Product sizes: Height - 6.5cm
width - 10cm
Location: Gallery "Antiqon", Brivibas street 52, Riga, Latvia
Warranty: Seller Warranty
Country: Royal Russia
Period: Late 19th century
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