477. Mantel clock. Royal Russia. 19th century.

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Mantel clock. Royal Russia. 19th century.

Unique mantelpiece made of glass and bronze created in the period of Nicholas I (1825-1855) carried out in the late "Empire" style. The solar theme rising from the waters of the sun is associated with the abundance of the dial ornament and the dominant flowerpot on conical glass. The main motif of wave mobility and time, pervades the work and is noticeable in the rhythm of the glass and the pattern of the dial. In the center of the composition, He and She are Helios helpers. Alpha and Omega of the universe. They rise from the waves and hold the sun, affirming love, life and fertility. This is the connecting thread of time. The watch is made of gilded and polished bronze, richly decorated with the artistic decor in the form of male and female figures mounted on a cobalt glass pedestal supposedly made at the Imperial Glass Factory in St. Petersburg, with bronze bases made of growth ornaments. The upper part of the watch is made in the shape of a vase and is decorated with a bronze floral gilded decor. The dial is marked with Roman numerals, decorated with a artistic elements in the form of sun rays rotated in an hour circle.

References: Sychev Igor (Сычев Игорь). Russian lamps of the era of classicism. 1760-1830. M. P.V.B.R. 2003, illustration 116, 189,279, 305, 635, 795, 844, 845, 866 and 868.

Condition: Good, with traces of use
Material: Gilded bronze, Glass
Product sizes: Height - 43cm width - 30cm
Location: Gallery "Antiqon", Brivibas street 52, Riga, Latvia
Style: Empire
Country: Royal Russia
Period: 19th century
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