444. Ceremonial "Kylych" Budapest 1860s.

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Ceremonial "Kylych" Budapest 1860s.

Ceremonial "Kylych" (Turkish kılıç - kylych, literally "sword") of the 1860s. Brands: masters of the letter "WL", the head of a girl with a moon in a pentagonal rhombus with the letter "P" corresponding to the city of Budapest and the number "4" certifying the fourth Austrian test (equal to the 72nd Russian). Presumably belonged to an officer of the general staff, Kaiserliche und königliche Armee - "Imperial Royal Army", during the reign of Franz Joseph, Austro-Hungarian Empire 1867-1922. Material: Steel blade . The scabbard is made of chased silver with remnants of gilding, decorated with semi-precious cabochon-cut stones: Ruby, Garnet, Jade, Turquoise . The lower part of the scabbard in a later version. A rare piece of art made by 19th century gunsmiths, it undoubtedly has historical and artistic value.
Historical background: In the first Central Asian Turks and their offshoots began to use curved cavalry swords, in the period from the end of the 3rd century BC. The earliest examples of curved Turkish swords can be found during the period of the East Turkic Kaganate. After the Ottoman invasion of the Balkans, most European armies adopted sabers of the Kilic type.
Condition: Signs of wear commensurate with age
Style: Oriental Art
Country: Austro-Hungary
Period: 19th century
Warranty: Seller Warranty
Material: Ruby, Stamping, Gilding, Inlay, Silver, Cabochon, Metal, Turquoise, Garnet
Product sizes: Height - 98cm width - 23cm
Location: Gallery "Antiqon", Brivibas street 52, Riga, Latvia
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