Opening of the exhibition of objects of applied and jewelry art “The captivating brilliance of luxury: a golden thread through the ages”

July 5, 2019, at 18:00 at the Antiqon Center for the Arts and Antiques, located at Riga, st. Brivibas 52, the opening of the international exhibition of objects of applied and jewelry art under the general theme "The captivating splendor of luxury: a golden thread through the ages."

Gold has fascinated man from time immemorial - a symbol of greatness and power, divine and unearthly, it attracts, excites the imagination, dazzles with its magical brilliance. But why, of all the precious metals throughout the history of mankind, is it precisely Gold that has captivated the richest people of its time? The Antiqon Center for Arts and Antiques invites everyone to take a historic art trip with a focus on the priceless treasure and its role in the culture and art of humanity. We will pass through the golden thread through the centuries: from the works of masters of Western Europe and Russia of the 19th century to works of jewelry of the 21st century. For the guests of the exhibition in all its glory there will appear a unique collection of antique objects created using various techniques with gold plating, innovative pieces of applied jewelry art combining modern technology and natural beauty, products of stone-cutting masters made of precious and semiprecious stones, a collection of jewelry represented by famous jewelry houses, as well as unique watches from world brands, made in the best traditions of jewelry. In a series of lectures from recognized market experts and representatives of the jewelry industry devoted to precious metal and art, we will follow the development of jewelry craftsmanship in various styles and eras. With the help of a rich collection of more than 250 precious items, we will plunge into the world of luxury, find out that "not everything is gold that glitters", and also considers issues of collecting and investing in jewelry.
"Gold of the passing era" For the first time in Latvia, such a large-scale private collection of antique objects of the XIX-XX centuries, made in various techniques using natural gold plating, is presented. The exposition includes more than 100 pieces of art made by European and Russian masters, decorated with decorative elements from gilded materials.

"Nature and Innovation" From time immemorial, people drew inspiration from observing nature. The most magnificent creations of architecture, masterpieces of painting and sculpture were created thanks to the knowledge gained by seeing and comprehending what surrounds us all.
One of these "observers" is Andrei Nadezhdinsky, combining jewelry, sculpture, and graphics in his elegant works. Andrey spends a lot of time in the Latvian forests, collecting real web and subsequently processing them by vacuum filling with Gold. So he gets unique precious patterns, the thickness of the lines of which are sometimes ten times thinner than a human hair.

Golden Ornaments of the World Maryam Golubeva is a British artist and designer who draws inspiration from the art of the countries of the Middle East and Central Asia, especially Turkey, Iran, India, as well as the masterpieces of the beauty of Ancient Byzantium and Slavic culture. The exhibition presents several directions of patterns, including unique motifs of Ancient Russia using the technique of Old Russian calligraphy. In the author"s works, East truly meets the West, creating a unique fusion of cultures.
In the works, the author uses the technique of applying pure Gold to a paper sheet, decorating his masterpieces with natural stones and Swarovski crystals, which gives the paintings a unique look that resembles jewelry and jewelry of bygone eras.

"Masterpieces of jewelry art" For guests of our exhibition, representatives of leading world brands will present jewelry with the mark Haute. Several dozens of jewelry masterpieces, including previously unknown masters, will show off in the windows next to the masterpieces of Western European and Russian masters of the 16th-19th centuries. Registration of guests at the opening of the exhibition will be held by the prior invitation.

Exhibition opening hours:
Tue, Wed, Thu from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
By invitation: Fri, Sat
Day off: Mon, Sun
The exhibition is open from July 5 to August 25, 2019.
Center Address - Brivibas Street 52, Riga, Latvia
Exhibition curator - Tatyana Moiseenkova
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