Live Auction of Russian and Western European art of the XVIIIth- XXth centuries №1

Ladies and gentlemen,
We are glad to welcome you and we are pleased to invite you to take part in the historic First auction of the ANTIQON Trading Platform on November 28, 2020!
In the auction catalog, you will find significant world works of Russian and European art of the XVIIIth- XXth centuries, porcelain and silver products, works of painting masters, rare icons, art casting and cabinet sculptures, unique collectibles, jewelry and wristwatches from leading European houses.
The most outstanding art objects presented in the catalog of the first Classic Antiqon Auction include the works of artists from the Western and Russian schools of painting: a wonderful hunting still life attributed to the outstanding artist J.FYT, a unique Portrait of Margaret Lemon, belonging to the workshop of the great Anthonis van Dyck, genre the scene "Cossacks" by MV Dobuzhinsky, "The Venetian Landscape" by AP Bogolyubov, as well as the academic drawing "A Model in the Costume of a French Nobleman" by the great Russian artist Mikhail Alexandrovich Vrubel.
Among the outstanding lots of Antiqon auction you will find the painting by Ivan Pavlovich Pokhitonov "Spring", which evokes a state of lyrical sadness and hope. A real crown jewel in a scattering of porcelain art objects in the auction catalog is a unique Empire-style service depicting the Imperial family of Napoleon Bonaparte from the French Rolyal Manufactore de Sevre.
In the extensive section of applied arts, the catalog presents unique items of silversmiths. A truly unique piece is "Cane handle" of the famous Faberge Jewelry House. Petersburg master Julius Rappoport made it out of silver, guilloché enamel and jade, and also richly decorated it with embossed leaves and a mischievous figurine of a monkey with ruby ​​eyes. Particularly noteworthy are the "Silver Cigarette Case" by Pavel Ovchinnikov"s factory, as well as the Russian silver goblet in the Art Nouveau style, decorated with an oriental pattern depicting a heron, a riot of flowers and a rising sun that came from the Middle Kingdom.
Separately, I would like to note a special object that brings us back to the times of Soviet constructivism and the Stalinist Empire Style - a writing instrument made as an exact model of the Moscow "Arbatskaya" metro station .
In the section "Sculpture" of the auction, one can single out the bronze composition "Marley Horses" from the private collection of the Schloss Vaduz castle, the sculptural composition "Farewell of a Cossack to a Cossack" by V.Ya. Grachev, as well as the bronze statue "Boy separating roosters" by the famous French sculptor Paul CHEVRE.
In the Furniture section, you will find an excellent set consisting of a table and a pair of Russian Pavlovian style armchairs with monolithic curved backs made of wavy birch, a pair of mahogany consoles in the style of Russian neoclassicism, made according to the model of Heinrich Daniel Gumbs (1765-1831) and decorated with gilded bronze, an elegant mahogany Art Nouveau showcase, and many other luxurious furnishings of the past.
Among more than 200 unique pieces of art presented in the extensive catalog of the first Classic Antiqon Auction, every collector and connoisseur of beauty will find something for themselves and will be able to touch the luxury of bygone eras.
We are waiting for you at the Antiqon Arts and Antiques Center, as well as on website!
Welcome to the world of Antiqon!
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