Closing of the summer season at the Antiqon Center for Art and Antiques. Wine tour - Armagnac region

On August 16, 2019, as part of the Antiqon summer season program, the final wine tour under the thematic name "Armagnac" region was held at the center of art and antiques. With the help of the representative of Armagnac De Montal Philippe Layus and the head of Noble Wine, Artyom Minaev, on this beautiful evening, the guests of our center got a unique opportunity to travel to the beautiful Gascogne region, the homeland of one of the most valuable treasures of France, the excellent Armagnac drink. As part of the tour, the participants of the evening were able to enjoy the outstanding vintages presented by the De Montal house and conduct an informative excursion into the world of gastronomic delights of the southwestern region of France.

For tasting were presented:
  • Armagnac De Montal 1969 manufacturer De Montal
  • Armagnac De Montal 1979 g manufacturer De Montal
  • Armagnac De Montal 1989 manufacturer De Montal
  • Armagnac De Montal 1999 manufacturer De Montal
  • Armagnac De Montal XO manufacturer De Montal
  • Armagnac De Montal VSOP r manufacturer De Montal
We thank Noble Wine for the drinks provided for the tasting and personally the head of the company, Artem Minaev, for their help in organizing the event!
We express our gratitude to the representative of the house Armagnac De Montal Philippe Layus, for the most interesting story about the beautiful region and the amazing Armagnac drink!

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Come to visit us! We will be glad to see you among friends and guests of our center!
Regards, Your Antiqon
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