ANTIQON Marketplace: With respect for history, in tune with times!

ANTIQON Marketplace: With respect for history, in tune with times!

On May 16, 2020, the Antiqon Marketplace officially began its work, combining the entire range of services in the antique market in one qualitative , new and professional service. Antiqon is a multifunctional Marketplace for the sale of objects of art and antiques, providing the ability to conduct secure & remote transactions between sellers and buyers from around the world. Marketplace combines the best qualities of classic and online auctions, the advantages of a modern online store and the availability of a virtual bulletin board with competent and c convenient customer service, representing a unique alloy of knowledge, competencies and solutions. Thoughtfulness to the smallest detail, as well as the convenience of using the service for both buyers and sellers of art and antiques favorably distinguishes Antiqon from its competitors and represents a qualitative new approach to trading operations in the modern art market.

Antiqon Collection

The extensive catalog of art objects of Antiqon Marketplace presents a unique collection of antiques, which is made up of art objects from the Antiqon"s own collection, as well as items placed on Marketplace by antique owners and collectors from around the world. The richness of the styles and eras of the presented collection will certainly appeal to true connoisseurs of the beautiful, collectors and art dealers, and thoughtful cataloging of objects will make the process of searching, meeting and buying art objects easy and intuitive. Each item from Antiqon catalog is equipped with high-quality photographs, historical information and a description of the characteristics. The functionality of the service allows the buyer from anywhere in the world to buy an item of interest and order door-to-door delivery in just a few clicks.

Antiqon Online Auctions

Antiqon Marketplace regularly holds its own online auctions, allowing buyers from around the world to purchase art objects at the best possible price, and sellers can quickly and conveniently sell their antiques. The best items from private collections, as well as selected items by company specialists from the extensive Antiqon collection are placed up for auction.

Center for Art and Antiques Antiqon

The place of power and physical embodiment of the Antiqon Marketplace is the Antiqon Art and Antiques Center, located in a historical building at Riga, ul. Brivibas, 52. The permanent exhibition of the center presents unique pieces of art from the Antiqon Collection. During auctions, pre-auction exhibitions are held in the halls of the center, allowing buyers and experts to personally familiarize themselves with the objects of art and antiques presented for sale.

Secure deal

Understanding the true value of antique art objects for sellers and buyers, Antiqon pays special attention to the security of transactions and takes all risks upon itself , providing buyers with a 100% refund if the goods were damaged during the transportation or are not corresponding to the description stated in the announcement.

Shopping delivery

The Antiqon project Delivery Service guarantees the uninterrupted provision of Delivery and Insurance services for items worldwide. The company undertakes the preparation of all accompanying documents necessary to ensure the passage of customs operations. Additional protection is guaranteed by the obligatory cargo insurance service, which allows participants in the transaction to receive a 100% refund in case of loss or damage to the cargo. You can calculate the cost of delivery and order the service directly on the item page at the time of purchase.

Service for professionals of the art market Antiqon PRO

Antiqon PRO is a multi-level service for market professionals providing restoration, examination and evaluation of art and antiques. Antiqon PRO is built taking into account current trends in eCommerce and solves the key problems of art market participants. Using advanced technologies of Internet marketing, Antiqon helps partners transfer their antique business online and increase sales by expanding their client base in Europe, Russia and the CIS countries. Users of the Antiqon Marketplace can order partnership services for restoration, examination and evaluation of art and antiques in a few clicks. The profile of each specialist is provided with a description of the services provided, a user rating, feedback and the possibility of prompt feedback, which makes the process of ordering services easy and convenient.

Antiqon Marketplace is designed to erase borders and open access to works of art for buyers from anywhere in the world.

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