Vladimir Burbitsky
  • Graphics restoration
  • Sculpture restoration
  • Metal restoration
  • Stone restoration.
  • Professional member of Antiqon Pro
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    1998-2004 Moscow Artistic Industrial Academy. SG Stroganov. 

    Faculty: Monumental Painting Restoration

    Specialty: Restoration of easel oil paintings and icons.



    2000 - 2002 years. - Participation in the reconstruction of monumental painting of Christ the Savior. Moscow, Russia.

    2004 - Present. time. The State Tretyakov Gallery. Moscow, Russia.

    2006-The organization of the exhibition of contemporary art from the collection of the State Tretyakov Gallery in Groningen Museum. Netherlands. 

    2008- Restoration of easel painting. Private collection. France Nice.

    2010-The exhibition of creative works. The State Tretyakov Gallery. 

    2012 g.- exhibition of creative works. "Garden Ring" museum.

    2014 g.- conducting research works "Crucifixion of Christ" by Peter Paul Rubens. Brussels. Belgium.

    2015 - 2016 years. - Participation in the international project. Exhibition "" war "". Russia - China.

    2016 g.- training. Participation in international seminars and master classes conducted by specialists from the University of the Restoration. Netherlands.

    2017 - Further training. Internship at the National Museum. Warsaw. Poland.

    2017 - Participation in the organization of the exhibition "100 years of the Revolution" in Zurich. Switzerland. 

    2017- 2018 gg.- Organization exhibiting works from the collections of the State Tretyakov Gallery in the Residence of the President of the Russian Federation.


    Restoration and preservation of works of art is a complex, unique process. 

    Professional restoration presupposes an integrated approach to the study, conservation, restoration and subsequent storage of works of art. 

    Our workshop helps implement customer full range of activities aimed at the preservation of the work.

    We perform the restoration of paintings, icons, graphics and antique frames, having a great experience in restoration of both classical and contemporary art.

    Assist in carrying out expert and assessment work.

    All the specialists have extensive professional experience in museum work and high qualifications.

    Restoration carried out in strict accordance museum standards.

    Ability and expertise is confirmed not only long experience in museums of Moscow, 

    but the presence of the relevant certifications and categories.

    We have a unique experience with leading masters of art, both Russian and foreign authors, such as:

    Aivazovsky Malevich Konchalovskiy, Tatlin, Kandinsky, Serov, Mashkov, clover, etc..

    Rubens, Klimt, Snayders, Van Gogh, Titian, Valydmyuller.


    Types of restoration works:

    Easel oil paintings restoration

    Cons restoration

    Graphics restoration

    Baguette restoration

    Metal restoration.

    Stone restoration 


    Assistance in carrying out expert and assessment work of art specialists of the leading Russian expert organizations.


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