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    Antiqon PRO is a multi-level professional service for representatives of the antique business, built taking into account the current trends of eCommerce and solving the key tasks facing collectors, collectors, and representatives of the art market.
    Antiqon PRO project participants offer professional and qualified services in various types of expertise as well as different types of restoration, objects of art and antiques

    Porcelain is a very fragile and rare item that rarely comes without any damage done to it thru its lifetime. Despite the development of modern technology, we still can not recreate the work of the Proclean creations up to today. That is why the restoration of porcelain is a tough and demanding process; only an experienced and responsible master may work with this precious and fragile material. 

    This is why the restoration of porcelain incredibly complex and painstaking process, the mystery of which is available only to professionals with extensive experience. Each porcelain item that gets to me for restoration is treated as a rare pearl because each of those items has its own story a history. Restoration for me is not just the revival of the original form of the object, is the recovery of its history. Losses - like the wounds on the body of art and sometimes I"d rather feel like a doctor who treats porcelain than the master, which performs restoration work.

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