Elmar Maharramov
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    Antiqon PRO is a multi-level professional service for representatives of the antique business, built taking into account the current trends of eCommerce and solving the key tasks facing collectors, collectors, and representatives of the art market.
    Antiqon PRO project participants offer professional and qualified services in various types of expertise as well as different types of restoration, objects of art and antiques

    Paintings of famous artists undoubtedly have high historical and cultural value. However, all paintings, regardless of the year they were written, and the author who painted them, tend to deteriorate over time - color fade, the base loses its shape. All these deficiencies are not only spoiling the appearance of the painting but also threatens the complete loss of its value. Therefore, the restoration of the painting is a hot topic for their owners, which were created by well-known artists, as well as for those paintings that have been inherited from a relative of the artist. I carry out a full range of works on elimination of defects in the picture: wrinkling of the paint layer, craquelure, disturbed ground, chalking, the sagging canvas, pollution, and other types of works. Paintings restoration - a task that requires a responsible approach. Entrust restoring your art to professionals

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