Arthur Liepnieks
  • Restoration of furniture and wooden products
  • Restoration of gilded furniture
  • Furniture manufacturing
  • All types of restoration work
  • Professional member of Antiqon Pro
    Antiqon PRO is a multi-level professional service for representatives of the antique business, built taking into account the current trends of eCommerce and solving the key tasks facing collectors, collectors, and representatives of the art market.
    Antiqon PRO project participants offer professional and qualified services in various types of expertise as well as different types of restoration, objects of art and antiques

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    In the restoration, as in any other business, there are no trifles. Only a scientific approach, only proven technology, only authentic materials and staff with special education and the highest level of skill. During the restoration of antique furniture and antiques, almost all the works are carried out manually. It is also important that the subject of the restoration work will be mainly fine wood - pear, oak, walnut, beech, mahogany, etc. Our restorers are high-class professionals: Can replace or make a new soft upholstery of the subject, to carry out gold plating, silver plating , bronzing, correctly measure the sample and perform the same, own decorative and artistic finishing of antique furniture (carved, art turning and milling, and intarsia marquetry, inlaid wood with metal,

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