Catalogue categories

Russian art
Objects of Vertu (21)Objects of Vertu (21)
Paintings (144)Paintings (120)Watercolor (14)Miniature (7)Other (3)
Graphic arts (35)Graphic arts (35)
Icons (23)Icons (23)
Frames and easels (16)Frames (10)Easels (1)Photo frames (5)
Sculpture (48)Bronze sculptures (30)Stone sculptures (1)Stone carving miniature (9)Other (8)
Silver and metal (247)Russian silver (125)European silver (108)Other (14)
Porcelain and ceramics (174)Russian porcelain (28)European porcelain (133)Other (13)
Glass (29)Crystal (8)Glass (21)
Clocks and watches (39)Mantel clocks (14)Wall clocks (3)Wrist watches (13)Pocket watches (5)Grandfather floor clocks (2)Other (2)
Furniture (45)Furniture sets (2)Showcases (7)Dressers (3)Tables (8)Armchairs and chairs (4)Columns (1)Mirrors (7)Consoles (8)Other (5)
Lighting (34)Chandeliers (17)Sconce (2)Floor lamps (2)Lamps (5)Candlesticks and candelabra (8)
Interior objects (29)Interior objects (29)
Fireplaces and stoves (9)Fireplaces and stoves (3)Accessories (6)
Carpets and tapestries (2)Carpets (1)Tapestries (1)
Jewelry (66)Rings (27)Bracelets (9)Brooches and pendants (3)Earrings (8)Jewelry sets (5)Chains and necklaces (6)Amber (1)Bijoux (1)Other (6)
Weapons and мilitary (27)Weapon (23)Military (3)Other (1)
Orders and medals (7)Orders and medals (7)
Coins and banknotes (15)Coins (15)
Mechanics (26)Music boxes (16)Mechanisms and tools (10)
Print, postcards and other antique paper production (6)Posters (1)Maps (5)
Books (1)Military (1)
Garden and architecture (2)Garden furniture (2)
Modern Art (8)Paintings (7)Objects (1)
Collectibles (18)Collectibles (18)
Vintage and fashion (1)Accessories (1)
Other (4)Other (4)
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