Poglemani Feodinando

Ferdinando Pogliani

Feodinando Poglmani. Ferdinando Pogliani): An outstanding Milanese Cabinetmaker. Supplier to the court of Napoleon III.

Early years.

Early Years and Training Ferdinando Pogliani, born in 1832 in Milan, was not only an outstanding cabinetmaker, but also a true master in the art of creating amazing woodwork. His passion for wood and woodworking began early in his life when he began studying carving and furniture arts techniques.

The art of cabinetmaking.

The Art of Cabinetry Pogliani quickly stood out among his contemporaries for his unique talent in the field of cabinetry. His work was characterized by exquisite design, attention to detail and the use of outstanding craftsmanship. He created not only furniture, but also decorative objects that became famous throughout the world.

Unique works.

Unique Works Pogliani created many works of art that attracted the attention of both connoisseurs and colleagues. His tables, chairs, cabinets and decorative panels were not only functional, but also art in themselves. He used a variety of techniques, including wood carving, inlay, the art of ornamentation and fine woodworking.

Legacy and popularity.

Legacy and Popularity The art of Ferdinando Pogliani has left a deep mark on the world of cabinetry and interior design. His works became sought after by collectors and decorators, continuing to inspire the art of woodworking until today.

The end of the life and legacy of Ferdinando Pogliani.

Ferdinando Pogliani died in Milan in 1899, leaving behind a rich legacy in the world of cabinetry and design. His work continues to be a source of inspiration for cabinetmakers and connoisseurs of the fine art of woodworking. Thus, Ferdinando Pogliani (1832-1899) remains forever etched in history as an outstanding cabinetmaker, whose skill and ability to create amazing works of wood continues to delight the world.

Ferdinando Pogliani. Секретер.

Ferdinando Pogliani. Секретер.

Ferdinando Pogliani. Секретер.

Ferdinando Pogliani. Кресло.

Ferdinando Pogliani. Стол-секретер.

Ferdinando Pogliani. Стол.

Ferdinando Pogliani. Клеймо мастерской.

Ferdinando Pogliani. Клеймо мастерской.

Ferdinando Pogliani. Витрина

Ferdinando Pogliani. Секретер.

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