Louis XVI style.

Louis XVI style - the style of architecture, furniture, decorative and applied art of France during the reign of Louis XVI (1774-1793). Includes the finale of the Baroque, and the transition to classicism. It became a kind of reaction to the overload of the Baroque and Rococo. Partly inspired by the discovery of ancient Roman art in Herculaneum and Pompeii. Stylistic norms included a straight column, clear architrave tectonics. He marked the return to nature as an ideal orderly and inherently exemplary model for art. Notable architects and buildings of the period: Victor Louis (1731-1811), who completed the Bordeaux Theater (1780), the Odeon Theater in Paris (1779-1782) was built by Marie-Joseph Peyre (1730-1785). The most characteristic building of the late period is the Hotel de Salme in Paris (now the Palace of the Legion of Honor, built by Pierre Rousseau in 1751-83.

Furniture art; high-end tables and cabinets were created for Versailles and other royal residences by cabinetmakers Jean-Henri Risoner and David Roentgen. They used precious wood inlays, in particular mahogany, with gilded bronze and mother-of-pearl ornaments.

The Royal Tapestry Manufactories, Aubusson and Beauvais Tapestry continued to make large tapestries, but much of their business began producing upholstery for new sets of chairs, sofas and other furnishings for royal residences and nobles.

Кокорин и Вален Деламот.Здание императорской Академии Художеств в Петербурге.


Интерьер в стиле Людовика XVI.

Жан Анри Ризенер.Комод.

Жан Анри Ризенер.Стол.

Жан Анри Ризенер.Комод.

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