Konovalenko Vasily Vasilievich (1929-1989)

Vasily Vasilyevich Konovalenko (1929-1989) - Ukrainian and Russian sculptor and jeweler, creator of a series of unique sculptural miniatures in the genre of stone-cutting and jewelry art (volumetric Florentine mosaic), as well as outstanding works of pure jewelry art (in the technique of cloisonné enamel). In his youth, he worked as a decorator, and a classical sculptor, and a theater production designer. The artist has created an extensive gallery of folk types and characters.

By 1959, the first masterpieces of stone-cutting sculpture appeared, but Vasily Konovalenko was not given the opportunity to exhibit his works. In 1973 (the artist is 44 years old), the first personal exhibition of his sculptures - stone-cutting art (before that - only scenographic exhibitions) took place. The exhibition at the Russian Museum became a sensation, and Konovalenko′s works were purchased by the Gokhran of Russia as a national treasure. Konovalenko was twice awarded gold medals at VDNKh.

He moves to Moscow. However, the unfounded criminal prosecution of Konovalenko begins. The sculptor is “hinted” that a unique collection of his works (estimated by foreign experts at $ 2 million) should be “donated” to the state. What he does - and only then the persecution ends. The position of a lone artist led to a clash with the authorities, Vasily was demanded to create values ​​for the bureaucratic elite, political sculptural portraits of Brezhnev, Lenin. etc. The artist was forced to emigrate to America in 1981.

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