Hilliard & Thomason

Hilliard and Thomason - Silver Masters (1840-1906).John Hilliard founded his business in 1837, and John Thomason joined him in 1840. At the same time the Hilliard & Thomason trademark was founded.They made snuff boxes, rusks and wine labels. They also produced tableware and other decorative items. After the death or retirement of John Hillard in 1870, his partner John Thomason continued his activities until 1890. He was joined by William Edwin Thomason and JJ Richadson and began trading as "John Thomason and his nephews." They continued to use the H. & T. ". Following J.J. Richardson′s retirement in 1906, the firm merged with Hasler Brothers to become Thomason & Hasler Brothers Ltd. In 1910, following the departure of W.E. Thomason, the company was voluntarily liquidated.

Hilliard & Thomason .Спичичница.

Hilliard & Thomason.Сигарница.

Hilliard & Thomason.Фляга.

Hilliard & Thomason.Кружка.

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